Press Release

Bel Air, MD. August 18, 2017 – Ali Paskun (Owner of small business support company ABIL Solutions, LLC) and Tony Malanowski (Producer/Director/Owner of LIGHT A CANDLE FILMS, LLC) have signed an agreement to produce training and presentation videos for businesses and consulting firms.

ABIL Solutions is a Bel Air, MD-based company, which has been in existence since 2014. Under the leadership of Founder Ali Paskun, ABIL Solutions has expanded from its inception offering proposal writing and editing support to a full-service company advancing assistance in freelance writing, along with training seminars and workshops for employee and technical resource needs. By partnering with LIGHT A CANDLE FILMS, ABIL Solutions is now ready to add video production to its long list of customer services.

“It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” Paskun confirms. “We made some tentative inroads into production by video-taping a few presentations featuring some consulting friends, and those turned out well.” But she could see what was needed was a more experienced hand to move to the next level.

“We want to offer production quality that was more professional than what we see online. Most of the videos in our business are simple set-ups, with someone standing in front of a white wall or shooting themselves from a cell phone!” Paskun laughs. “And it seemed natural to get together with someone who does film work in Southern California.”

Tony Malanowski, owner and founder of LIGHT A CANDLE FILMS, sees a great deal of potential in the partnership. “I spent several years producing/directing pieces for The Walt Disney Studios. These required extensive interviewing and cross-editing of actors and effects people, and I found that I had a knack for achieving a compelling style that made an informative piece more interesting and lively for the audience.” The two plan to make use of some of the latest digital tools, including lighter, more compact cameras, as well as the high-end AVID editing systems in the offices of LIGHT A CANDLE FILMS.

But there’s also something extra—a “secret ingredient” if you will—that makes these productions stand out. It is what the partners refer to as “Creative Anarchy.”

“We use the term ‘Creative Anarchy’ to define our unique presentation style,” explains Paskun. “It’s a term we use that solidifies the way we get information across. We want to do things and go places that company videos rarely think of visiting!”

Malanowski continues, “By using ‘Creative Anarchy’, we are free to carry the topic into realms of exposition that the audience never expects. For example, what if we were to re-enact some common business problems that you might run into while writing a proposal—but the people arguing over the proposal details are vampires in a crypt at midnight? Or maybe a young couple is struggling with getting the right advice about starting a small business, but they are in a Colonial tavern in 1776?” The two envision situations where people could confer about developing a company style guide while painting cave walls at the Dawn of Time, or enthusiastically discuss the finer points of an inter-office newsletter while standing on the deck of the sinking Titanic! “Audiences are tired of seeing the same old thing,” Paskun affirms. “They will retain the material easier if they have it presented in a way that helps them remember the details.”

ABIL Solutions is launching their website at , and will list the services they offer businesses and consulting firms. Visitors to the site will be able to witness examples of Creative Anarchy as well. “We’ve already shot our first two productions on a sound stage in Hollywood and at a studio outside Laurel, MD,” says Ali Paskun. “And we are very happy with the results. Tony Malanowski is editing the shows back in California, but in the meantime, you can access clips on the website. You can contact us to discuss how we can help you improve your business by adding just a touch of Creative Anarchy!”